Start to rent legally in just 4 Steps

Complete legal guide on renting your property in Marbella

Complete these four steps and make your home work for you

Register your home
STEP 1 Register your home with Junta de Andalucia

Find out what forms you need to fill in and what's the easiest way to register your holiday home in Andalucia. Also, find out who can fill in the form for you if you're not in the area.

Adapt to the new law
STEP 2 Adapt your home to the new law requirements

In order to keep renting your holiday home legally, you need to know the requirements that the new law imposes, like heating/cooling requirements, bed linen and towels, etc.

Pricing and law imposed
STEP 3 Pricing and Law imposed conditions

The new short-term rental law in Andalucia establishes also some of the booking conditions like payments and cancellation policies, damage deposit, cleaning fees. Find out all about it.

Contract and welcoming
STEP 4 Contract and welcoming the guest

There are some new rules regarding contracts and new requirements regarding the check-ins, so be careful to follow all the steps in registering your clients. Find out more about it here.

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